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Over the years
Over 15 Years of Experience

Elezi funeral

“Our company has over 15 years of experience in transporting corpses, and has a professional staff. For the success of our activity, we owe a lot to you Customers who are very satisfied with our services and correctness. The experience of this profession made us the most wanted! Therefore, allow us to be by your side in the most difficult and sad moments of your life. Let us also take care of your concerns. The transportation of corpses from European countries to the Motherland (Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro, Eastern Kosovo and Macedonia) is done with the most modern and fully air-conditioned vehicles, as well as airplanes. We offer you numerous choices such as: Arrangement of Relevant Documentation, Organization of Rituals, and Bespoke Services…”

Benefit from our quality services

Experience the difference

We offer unique opportunities (transportation of bodies) for families to create moments of healing after loss.

The transportation of corpses to the homeland is carried out from all European countries as:
Our services, make ease your worries!

Why should you choose us?

We always try to be punctual with deliveries or transportation of corpses to the country of origin.

Our success is directly related to the quality of the corpse transportation service we provide.

The transportation of corpses is our responsibility!

We are committed to roll up our sleeves and help with any funeral occasion.

Creating excellent services for the transportation of the corpse is our duty.

Our passion for the transportation of corpses is many years old.

Our services, make ease your worries!


Our main service is the transportation of corpses. The corpses are transported by car or airplane, in a fast, safe and correct way to the place of burial.

We also arrange the necessary documentation for sending the deceased within 24 hours.

According to your request, we make ritual (religious) arrangements, Hoxha (bathing of the deceased), etc.!

We also offer custom coffins.

We are always there for you. Just call us and we will come to you.

Me përvojë mbi 20 vjeçare për transportin e kufomave.

— Ne ju ofrojmë zgjedhje të shumta si:
Transportin e të ndjerit, Rregullimin e Dokumentacionit përkatës, Organizim të ritualeve, dhe Shërbime (Arkivole) sipas Porosisë…” —

Telefon: +49174 1006637
WhatsApp: +49174 1006637